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Berlin 2023

Join me in Berlin as part of my 2023 UK/ European Tour.

Berlin Burlesque Festival - Odd Night

Here the artistic boundaries of burlesque are explored. Performances of the weird avant-garde, with frivolous fetish references, as well as genre and gender, stylistic and artistic Further developments have their platform here.

Part of the 2023 Berlin Burlesque Festival

The Wintergarten Variete


Screen Shot 2023-09-05 at 2.28.46 am.png

Noir Burlesque Workshop

Get sultry, sexy and a little spooky.

Come and learn Porcelain Doll's signature burlesque style! Think film noir femme fatale! Noir Burlesque is a fun dark, sexy, sultry form of burlesque incorporating elements of  blues, vintage, classic and noir dance styles and vintage noir  aesthetics of burlesque and striptease but fusing a range of performance styles and elements all to a gothic and dark/ doom jazz soundtrack. This is a sexy slower paced style focused on tension and release but will work those core and hip and thigh muscles. This is an open level class. Beginners are welcome.

Come join the Stone Cold Fox Burlesque family!

This workshop is suitable for all levels.

Adult students of all abilities genders and backgrounds welcome. LGBTIQA+ and BIPOC dancers are encouraged to join the fun!  

Thursday 12th October

Venue to be confirmed shortly

6pm - 730pm

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